So, yeah, equality and all…

img_0989Went to the prop 8 protest this morning…  Had some stirring moments, though difficult to hear (seriously, gays – all those discotheques and no one could scrounge up a decent set of speakers?).  And some really good signs (e.g. “You have 3 wives, I just want 1 husband!”).

But as with all such protests, I leave feeling like “so now what?”.  I think it’s amazing that all of these people – gay and straight – came out this morning in support of civil rights for all.  But how will this translate into action and change?  I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see…

After I got home, I biked over to the Mission to get my hole stretched…  Oh, wait – ew, no, it’s not what you pervs are thinking…  I had to run over to Body Manipulations to get my new ring for my septum piercing and it’s a slightly thicker gauge.  But I digress…

At any rate, the crowds from the protest had taken to the Market Street – stopping traffic at Van Ness, marching up toward the Castro and down toward Embarcadero, filling the street…  A bunch of people were sitting down blocking the Octavia freeway ramp intersection…  And I have to say, my thought was “now that’s more like it”.

img_0991Three hours later, I was riding to the gym and there were still some folks out marching on Market St.  Only a couple hundred, but all shouting, chanting and waving signs, this time headed from Embarcadero back to City Hall.

photo_111508_002I’m frankly all for civil disobedience.  I think people should be upset and inconvenienced and stopped from just going about their lives as if nothing had happened.  Because something terrible and chilling has happened – the Constitution has been changed for one reason and one reason only…  to take away the civil rights of gay men and lesbians…

So, yeah, I’m kinda diggin’ the takin it to the streets…  And I hope it continues.


One response to “So, yeah, equality and all…

  1. I’m so glad to hear what you say about takin it to the streets. I was part of the group that blocked the highway on Saturday. I was honored to be with them and I think we sent a powerful message.

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