What is so difficult about standing in line?

anarchySo, I ran out to grab a sandwich for lunch.  While placing my order, the idiot gentleman next in line behind me did something very alarming – he stood directly to my right, causing me great consternation and anxiety.  Was he trying to jump the line?  Was he confused?  Was he a Grade A douchebag? Was he some type of crazed psychopath who would soon pull out a machete and hack my face off?  There was no way to know…

Yes, I’ve brought it up before – but I honestly don’t understand why people think it is either normal or acceptable when waiting in line to stand on either my right or my left rather than behind me.  It completely flies in the face of the whole concept of a line – namely, that it is a line…  Not a rhombus, not a trapezoid, not a parallelogram.

And what exactly is a line? According to Webster’s, it is “a straight or curved geometric element that is generated by a moving point and that has extension only along the path of the point” (emphasis added). Thus, if someone is standing behind me, while someone else is standing to my right, as occurred this afternoon, there is no longer a line…  There is only anarchy…

Let’s review…

Example A: Yes!  This is a line.


Example B: No! This is not a line – it is a triangle, a shape made up of three separate and distinct lines.


Example C: NO! Absolutely not!  Just stop it, OK?


Example D: Yeah, this is pretty much how most people wait in line:


So, next time you’re waiting in line, just stand behind the person who is preceding you…  If you don’t, then the terrorists have already won…


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