Okay, okay – I’m still pretty happy today…

So, the prior post helped to dispel some of my unhappiness, if only for the opportunity to rant a bit – and it’s still quite delightful to see this:


"Hello? May I speak to Mr. Slide? Mr. Land Slide?"

And this is pretty great, too:


President Obama... That's right, bitches - President!

And this:

Goodbye! Good Riddance!

Goodbye! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out! Please stay in Alaska! Forever! Seriously! Oh, and thanks for electing Obama!

So, despite the passage of Prop 8 (grrrrrr…), there is still much to be happy about…  Frankly, I’m really liking the idea of having an executive branch not run by criminals!  And a president who can pronounce “nuclear”! And is unlikely to cop a feel on the chancellor of Germany! And who doesn’t revel in being an incurious dumbfuck! What a refreshing change from these last eight years!


One response to “Okay, okay – I’m still pretty happy today…

  1. We are so proud of our home state of NM for doing the right thing!

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