See You Next Tuesday, Your Honor!

mean_judgeOur good friend Skip left us a message tonight, wondering if we had any advice for his partner and him as they filled out their absentee ballots.  Here’s the transcript:

I thought you queens might be the type to know like which of the Supreme Court, uh, whatevers are, you know, like… cunts and who we’re supposed to not vote for and who we’re supposed to vote for…  And they don’t say if they’re cunts or not on here…  Sometimes they say like, you know, if they’re Democrats or something like that…  But anyway, I hope the country’s gonna be OK tomorrow…

Regrettably, since they reside in Arizona, we were unable to give any advice as to the relative merits of any of the candidates.  But I’m sure they figured it out…


3 responses to “See You Next Tuesday, Your Honor!

  1. ok can I just say that I was high and drunk at the time, and by the way, I didn’t use the word “like” that many times…. Skip

  2. Um, I have the transcript… I’m going to try to create an audio file I can post online.

    And seriously, your message was the highlight of the evening… I’m really taken with the idea of the ballot including specific information as to whether a particular candidate is a cunt or not…

  3. Or a douchebag…it would be good to know whether a particular candidate is a douchbag or not.

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