Saw the “Sticky and Sweet” concert on Saturday night at Oracle Arena in Oakland.  The show was adequate – though considering the breathtakingly exorbitant price of the tickets, we were disappointed.

Things started off well...

The opening was pretty good (though as I predicted, she could not surpass – or even come close – to the best entrance in the history of the universe, when she emerged from a giant disco ball in couture/fetish riding togs to start off the “Confessions” concert)…  The video screen rises, revealing Madge slouched in her throne behind her usual troupe of very foxy dancers, done up in short-sleeved tuxedos and full-length gloves.

She sang (or should I say “sang”) some of her better newer and older stuff during the first half of the show, including “Vogue”, always a favorite of mine.  “She’s Not Me” was rather clever, as four dancers posed at the end of the catwalk, dressed in various incarnations of Madonna (Material Girl, Slutty Bride, Cone Bra), while Madge yanked off their wigs and furs and (predictably) made out with one of them…

"Vogue" - and yikes!

"Vogue" - and yikes!

The second half fared less well, with “You Must Love Me” and “Spanish Lesson” among the low-lights of the show. And Chris was really appalled that she was sporting clip-on bangs for this portion of the show…

Things picked up a bit as the show neared it’s end, with a very good “4 Minutes” (including Justin Timberlake on the various vidscreens scattered across the stage, Madge performing her signature bumping-and-grinding as she strutted about…) and “Hung Up”.

Still with the guitar "playing"?

Still with the guitar "playing"?

But lots of problems with the concert…  Sound system not so great…  Costumes nothing to write home about – she spent a good portion of the show prancing about in couture running shorts (yawn) and black bra and panties with fishnets – boy, we’ve never seen that before, have we?  The set was good, especially the  video monitor that breaks apart accordion-style – but there were no show-stopping props (like the disco ball, the jungle gym or the leather-studded carousel saddle from “Confessions”).  Even the stage felt a bit flat, with just a single catwalk extending into the audience.

And, Madonna, please – have a piece of cake or something.  You’re getting a bit too sinewy and haggard – it’s not a good look.  And enough with the guitar playing – we want to see you dance and “sing” and thrust your vadge…  We’re not really interested in seeing you attempt to channel Hendrix as you muddle your way through the same four chords on your ax…

So, don’t get me wrong – we enjoyed our evening (our section was filled with fun folks, too…).  But this is probably the last time we shell out top dollar to see Madge…

UPDATE: Please note that all three images in this post were snagged off the web, i.e. not taken by me…  Our seats were good, but not that good…

One response to “Meh-donna

  1. Oh, I can agree so much with the sound system, but then I was at the top of the joint.
    My first time…. like a virgin…. I just want more!
    Binoculars are not the way to see Madge…. but great video monitors of her live would have helped. I could barely see the only one because it was partially blocked by the rigging.
    The sound up high was very thunderous and the real only way to enjoy her show was to dance, and look occasionally with the spyglass. All in all these were minor disappointments as Madonna delivers a powerhouse show… keeping in mind it was my first. I loved her…. “she’s not me” with her final floor fit was a mind blower! I wish to find a set list as I saw it Sunday night. I was told that it was louder than Sat. Where did you sit? I imagine if these are your photos you were very close. Was there any problem hearing her voice?
    Well, thats me for now…. I’m still on a high.

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