Why, Y?

My first week back at the gym and Gum-Chewarella is still going strong…  She waited for the elevator with me – to ride up one floor, of course.  What the hell is with that?  It’s annoying under any circumstances, but it’s really beyond me why someone on her way to exercise won’t walk up a flight of stairs.

Of course, it’s also beyond me why one would chew gum with one’s mouth open while also making smacking and chewing noises the whole time…  Oh, and she’s still wearing those coochie cutters…

Then, while I was changing, I noticed some guy in the locker room was using the hand dryer excessively.  I noticed this because they are powered by jet-engines and thus quite noisy; and every time the dryer shut off automatically, he would start it up again.

This seemed strange…  Until I looked closer and saw that he was using the hand dryer to dry his filthy gym socks – holding them right under the nozzle, so they were waving and flapping and spewing athlete’s foot and toe jam particles far and wide…

He was still at it when I’d finished changing, ten minutes later – yes, ten minutes, I shit you not.  I actually decided to say something (e.g. “Could you please refrain from blowing the foul stench from your rancid sweat socks all over the locker room?”).  But as I approached, two things stopped me: one, he was also drying his gym shoes – by inserting one of the communal hairdryers into his shoe, thus causing me to dry heave which prevented me from speaking; and he is a member of the YMCA staff!

WTF?  The staff?  Shouldn’t they be somewhat less disgusting than the members?  Apparently not…

Also, he was stark naked throughout this episode, natch…

At any rate, I did make a note to myself: do not ever use hair dryers at the Y.  In fact, do not even look at or get within five feet of the hairdryers at the the Y.


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