It’s frankly tempting to post one of the videos of his opponents blathering about “socialism” or the “real America” for a little “compare and contrast” – but it’s ultimately unnecessary.  Obama is amazingly inspiring – not a word bandied about often by this cynical and jaded old grouch…

I’m looking forward to my next trip abroad, when I can proudly state “I’m American”, rather than always being sure to specify “I’m from San Francisco” – lucky for us, pretty much everyone in the world realizes that, for the last eight years, “America” and “San Francisco” have been two different places…


2 responses to “Wow…

  1. Wow. He must win.

  2. The usual big tent, big thinking, big picture, forward looking, total visionary WHO MUST BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT! ohpleasepleaseohplease

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