Marriage Equality in California Needs Your Help

Recent polls show voters are evenly split on Proposition 8, the measure to ban same-sex marriage in California.  Just last month, polls showed most voters were opposed to Prop 8 – but opinions are shifting now, thanks to misleading ads blanketing the state, paid for primarily by sources outside of California.

With only two weeks left, it’s more important than ever to support the “No on 8” campaign.  Please tell all of your friends and family – via phone, email, text or carrier pigeon.  Personal contact is the most effective way to convince people to vote no and to ensure that they vote come election day.

And Chris and I just made another donation to the campaign – every little bit helps…  Won’t you give what you can?

UPDATE: A good new ad, refuting the false claims that this issue has anything to do with schools or children.


2 responses to “Marriage Equality in California Needs Your Help

  1. It boggles my mind that no one is SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS:

    “It is NOT acceptable to have a fundamental right UP FOR A VOTE.”

    “It is NOT acceptable to have FUNDRAISERS to either PURCHASE a civil right OR to EXCLUDE American families FROM a civil right.”

    “Children are hurt by Marriage Inequality.”

    (the Christian Right thinks their children will be “traumatized” when faced with the REALITY of the existence of LGBT families; they have no idea what cruel traumas their family COULD experience if they lacked the rights & protections of civil marriage).

    Oh yeah, and also “No Taxation Will Happen UNTIL Representation”.

  2. Preaching to the choir… It really shocks me that so many people are comfortable with the idea of altering the CA Constitution to specifically discriminate against CA citizens.

    The one thing I keep trying to remind myself about polls is that no one under 30 has a landline anymore, which is how polls are conducted. So all the young whippersnappers (who are for the most part quite comfortable with the same-sex marriage and relationships, god love ’em…) who’ll likely be voting “no” aren’t included in poll numbers…

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