Arriviamo a Venezia

We arrived in Venice rather easily.  All flights on time – and, delightfully enough, our three checked bags were literally (and by “literally”, I mean “literally”) the first three spit out onto the carousel.

Molto chic...

Molto chic...

So, off we went in our super glamorous water taxi to our semi-glamorous B&B.  Larry, one of the owners, met us where the taxi dropped us off – and thank god…  There is no way we would’ve found this place on our own.  This city is a maze…

Had something of a near-nervous-breakdown as various electronic gear I’d brought (SIM card for phone, electrical adapters, etc.) failed to operate in the prescribed manner – very frustrating, but semi-resolved by the next day.

Our B&B in Venice. "Ciao! Sono un dork!"

We went out to dinner and got quite lost quite quickly – which after being en route for the previous 16 hours was something of a nightmare…  And once we did manage to find the place we were looking for it was full…  But we did manage to find another place in the guidebook and had a pleasant albeit unremarkable meal.

After dinner (and two bottles of very good, very inexepensive vino), we had a lovely and leisurely walk back to Corte 1321, our B&B.  At this point, we’d cast off most of the apprehension that tends to accompany showing up in a foreign city – the stroll home was wonderful.  We got a bit lost, but enjoyed every moment of wandering up the narrow streets and crossing bridges…  A perfect way to end a long day.


One response to “Arriviamo a Venezia

  1. it all looks and sounds wonderfully familiar.

    avere un buono viaggio! ciao

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