Maverick, my ass.

You know what?  If you repeatedly refer to yourself as a maverick, you are not.  I’m sorry but it’s just that simple…  Honestly, shouldn’t any use of the term by these two buffoons actually read Maverick™?

I suspect back in 2000, John McCain was still a somewhat principled (as much as any Republican is “principled”) senator who was willing to take some stands unpopular within his party (e.g. on campaign finance reform).

But after W was appointed to office, McCain pretty much gave all that up – spending most of the last eight years pandering to the Republican base and attempting to prove his “conservative” credentials – even going so far as to vote against a law to outlaw waterboarding, despite his view that waterboarding is, in fact, torture.

His entire demeanor since clinching the nomination smacks of entitlement – as if the last eight years of selling out whatever minimal “maverick” ideas he had at some point espoused should somehow guarantee him election the presidency.

He continues to preach deregulation of markets and industry (that’s working out very well on Wall St. – let’s try it with health care next!).  And he wants more tax cuts for the wealthy – because it’ll create jobs!  I mean Jesus H. Christ – are we still beating that dead horse?  Joblessness is the highest it’s been in five years (and climbing) and jobs have been lost every month for the last nine months. Oh and then there’s that pesky $700 billion check we need to write for the bailout package – so let’s chop taxes to the rich some more!

You know what?  I agree with Joe Biden – paying taxes is patriotic.  If you’re making over $250,000 a year, you should be paying more taxes – not only because you can afford it, but because the more money one has, the more one reaps the benefits of society in general.

I mean, look at me – I’m not wealthy by any means.  But Chris and I make a nice living between the two of us and have an income substantially higher than the median American family.  We can afford to fly off to Italy for a nice vacation – taking advantage of a tax-supported airport, air traffic control system, airport security (hah!) infrastructure, immigration and customs oversight – and that’s just for the flight over.  Families making less than $30,000 a year aren’t utilizing these services to the extent that I am – so why shouldn’t I pay more?  I pay more, but I also get more.

That’s the whole basis of a progressive tax system – the more you make, the more you can afford to pay.  It really is that simple, in my view…  (And it’s why I oppose sales tax of any kind – not to mention the various “flat tax” proposals that regularly rear their heads – kinda like Putin before entering airspace over Alaska… Tax schemes that purport to share the burden equally among all, when in fact the lower one’s income, the greater the tax burden is in absolute terms…  But I digress…)

So, anyway, do what you want, John McCain – but enough with this “maverick” shit.  It is not a synonym for “recklessness” – which is the trait you’ve actually demonstrated time and again during your campaign.


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