“Can I Call You Joe?”

Seriously, this “cute” folksiness and jokiness is just vomitous – that’s the one word that repeatedly pops into my head.  The winking, the constant blather about hockey and kids and “Joe Six-Pack”, the droppin’ of the “g” when she uses a gerund.  So phony, so cringe-inducing…

She reminds me of a local news anchor on some kind of “Wake Up (insert name of second-tier city here)!” program – that fake perkiness that makes your flesh crawl and your ears bleed.  Can’t you just see her reporting on a gruesome triple homicide with her “serious” face  and then, without missing a beat, putting on a big toothy grin as she segues into some frothy story about a skateboarding puppy?  Undoubtedly leading with “And on the lighter side…”

And when she mentioned Jill Biden getting “her reward in heaven” for being a teacher, the first thing I thought of was, “How about just paying teachers adequately here on earth?” – completely forgetting that Joe’s first wife is, in fact, in heaven after being killed in a car crash.  Beyond awkward and a totally creepy thing to say…  Bleh.

from Gawker


4 responses to ““Can I Call You Joe?”

  1. She used to be local news anchor. Really. I’m a conservative, but I share your feelings about her. She’s an embarrassment to our electoral system.

  2. Just out of curiosity – are you voting for McCain in spite of his choice for VP?

  3. I LOVED “nu-cu-lar!” I think we really need another four year of it. Really.

    If you complain about Palin’s Fargoism, conservatives automatically assume you are a liberal. I am, but that’s really beside the point.


  4. To be a trillionaire would mean feeding every hungry mouth in the world, educating every child, and setting needed programs in place for all. With the leftover funds however, I would buy up airtime on every tv set in the nation and just keep showing the above blather over and over. Surely it would have to sink in to her supporters sooner or later…wouldn’t it?

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