Too much bloodletting…

Despite trying to adhere to my “one post per weekday”, I failed yesterday.  But why would I miss a day?  There was certainly enough going on in the world, what with the impending financial meltdown, the Emmy Awards and the fact that none of you ingrates who read my blog could be bothered to click through to donate to the No on 8 campaign, as requested (unlike Stephen Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, who just coughed up $100K).

So what then was the problem?  Simple really: sangria + margaritas + bourbon + Sunday evening = unable to blog on Monday.

Actually, there was quite a bit more than blogging that I was unable to do on Monday – though I did manage to drag myself into work.  Sorry, co-workers!  I’m sure I smelled like a distillery…

Anyhoo, Chris and I tried a new place for dinner on Sunday…  Regalito over on 18th & Valencia.  It’s a Mexican place serving dishes that are a bit more traditionally Mexican than tacos and burritos.  The place is small-ish, but cute.  Our waitress was quite nice, though we weren’t overly fond of her habit of twirling and playing with her hair while she was pouring drinks and placing orders…  Kinda yucky.

I had sangria – it was just OK.  Rather sweet for my taste – I prefer to be able to taste the wine a bit more.  Of course, this didn’t stop me from drinking three of them…

Lamb Sopes with Red Chile Sauce

Lamb Sopes with Red Chile Sauce

Started off with the special sopes – lamb shoulder braised in a red chile sauce.  We enjoyed them – though Chris thought there was too much sauce.  And I didn’t really understand why they’d used lamb.  The flavor of the sauce, while good, meant that the meat could’ve been anything – beef, pork or lamb.  I guess I would’ve liked something that showcased the lamb.



For dinner, I had tamales (another special that night) – one with pork, the other with chiles and cheese.  Well-executed and tasty, though the pork filling was just about identical to the lamb in the sopes.  Made me wish I had ordered the pozole, the other special that night.

Beef Machaca

Beef Machaca

Chris had the beef machaca, shredded beef in a tangy sauce with chiles, tomatoes and onions, served with beans and tortillas.  I just got a taste, but found it to be delicious.  Spicy and savory, along with some smokiness; fresh lime brightened the dish.

We skipped dessert (we contemplated swinging by Bi-Rite Creamery until we remembered that we’re fatties) and decided to have a nightcap at the Midnight Sun.  After having a couple of drinks here, it seemed silly not to continue on the up the street to Badlands…  where I forced got Chris to dance with me!  Then, off we went home – where Chris demanded asked me to make him a Manhattan.  And, not wanting to be rude and make him drink alone, I poured myself a bourbon…

So, that’s why I couldn’t blog on Monday.


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