Good riddance!

From Thursday’s Chron:

It was business as usual at the Cala Foods supermarket on Nob Hill this week. Customers lined up six deep at the cashiers and shoppers crowded the well-stocked aisles.

So why is the store closing in 2010?

C.W. Nevius then goes on about how the value of the land is worth more to develop, the thin profit margins for supermarkets, blah, blah, blah…  which may be true in the case of some other supermarkets in the City.

But as for this Cala, it sucks.  Seriously, it has long been one of the worst supermarkets ever (I think the only one worse was the Associated Market on 14th and 8th in Manhattan…  they used to take the rotting produce, shrinkwrap it and then throw it all into a big markdown bin…  I quickly learned to only buy pre-packaged goods here…).

Cala’s prices are insanely high (I used to be able to get Pepperidge Farms cookies for $1.50 less at the Sutter Fine Foods on Hyde and Sutter – which is essentially a “superette”…  A complete outrage, if ever there was one!). They have crappy produce.  You have to check every package, since they regularly keep stuff on the shelves long past the expiration date.  The lines are insanely long and move at a snail’s pace.  And the employees are nasty, slow and unhelpful.

Honestly, I never understood why anyone would shop at this dump.  It’s the closest supermarket to our apartment, but I avoid it like the plague – save for the occasional emergency toilet paper run…  Though I think last time we did this, it was a big bust, since they only had Cottonelle, a brand that is banned from our household due to its H.D.Q. (high dingleberry quotient).  But I digress…

So, to sum up, screw you Cala.  You will not be missed…


2 responses to “Good riddance!

  1. Speaking of toilet paper, I had finally found a decent substitute for Charmin Regular after they discontinued it several months ago…Quilted Northern Ultra. Well now QNU is no longer available. It’s been replaced by some horrid 3-ply ultra soft that is probably similar to wiping with a blanket. So now we are back to semi-scratchy regular Quilted Northern. BTW your website is very amusent.

  2. I’d rather have scratchy then dingleberry-inducing…

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