Vote No on 8

I’m pretty sure that I’m preaching to the choir when I ask my readers (yes, all three of you) to vote no on proposition 8, the proposed amendment to California’s constitution that would ban same-sex marriage.

Right now, foes of marriage equality have raised over $16 million, versus $10 million for the “No on 8” campaign.  We need to be sure that the majority of Californians remain convinced to vote no – and that means responding to the slew of TV ads coming down the pike from the other side…

So, won’t you join me in making a donation to the No on 8 campaign?  If not for me, then for Brad Pitt

And can I just rant for a minute?  The goal of this proposition is to alter the constitution of California to make discrimination the law of the land…  Think about that for a minute – changing the the constitution to implicitly state, “Hey all you fags and dykes – fuck you! You’re not the same as we heteros and your icky relationships aren’t the same as our normal ones…  Separate but equal is good enough – see, it’s separate but it’s also equal.  So no harm, no foul right?  It’s equal.”

Not to mention the fact that the whole argument over marriage is always couched in terms of religion, tradition, children, blah, blah, blah…  When in fact, civil marriage is a contract into which two people enter; a contract that grants them specific rights and responsibilities under the law – that’s pretty much it.

The two people are not required to procreate; to participate in any type of religious service; or, for that matter, to be in love.  One would surely hope otherwise, but if two people who hate each other’s guts want to get married, they can!  Up until a few months ago, all they had to be was unmarried and of the opposite sex…

Of course, in a few years, as is always sagely and correctly pointed out by opponents of same-sex marriage, we’ll have to address all of the “slippery slope” issues – you know, like mothers marrying their sons, brothers marrying sisters and, of course, man-on-goat marriage – because same-sex marriage will assuredly usher in the era of man-on-goat marriage…

What is it with the man-on-goat?  It’s always presented as the inevitable next step.  Apparently, the God-botherers believe I’m likely to wake up one morning, find myself bored with the whole homosexual “lifestyle” I’ve “chosen” and just move on to goats…  Which makes no sense at all…  Goats totally never get my jokes and they have a notorious fear of flying – so where would we go on vacation?  Bakersfield?


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  1. We just donated.

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