This is what it sounds like when eagles cry…

Wonkette ran a post today on hideously creepy 9/11 tributes and imagery.  It was both funny and offensive (my favorite combination!).  If you visit the post, be sure to hover over the images so you can read the alt-tags…

At any rate, “sati demise” posted the following comment:

I was in Mexico that day. All the gringos were watching CNN, the Mexicans stopped me on the street to give me condolences – and the local Catholic priest gave a special ceremony for Americans where he talked about Jefferson and Adams.

So, when people say Bush squandered all the world wide good will, I know what they are talking about. A Catholic priest in a small Mexican town knew more about our American Constitution than Bush, and thats a fact.

I still remember the shock of those days – but also the unity we felt as a people, as a country and as a part of the world community …  A sad reminder of the destruction wrought by Bush and his cronies over these last seven years, all in the name of “freedom.” Sigh…


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