So, I guess “Jeopardy” is out of the question..?

There was a post in Slate today reviewing adult diapers. The writer is a continent 27-year-old, making a not-very-uplifting subject matter somehow even more depressing – I guess because, even though bodily functions are inherently funny, it’s only if they are uncontrollable due to insobriety, poor planning or ineffective time-management – as opposed to the ravages of time or the onset of infirmity.

Nevertheless, the following paragraph made me laugh at loud:

Many of the adult diapers I came across boasted soothing and gentle names like Depend or Affirm. This makes sense—people want to trust their adult diapers. A product with a name like Mystique probably wouldn’t sell very well.


One response to “So, I guess “Jeopardy” is out of the question..?

  1. Personally, the product name “Depends” has always struck me as a somewhat conditional guarantee of effectiveness.

    Does it work? Well, that Depends on how bad off you are.

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