The Democrats Are Making Me Fat…

Seriously, I haven’t been to the gym all week, since I have to race home to get my fill of inspiration and pathos at the DNC – and getting home early also means an uptick in my already copious wine consumption…  And the wine certainly makes me weepy – though if it’s good enough for Michelle Obama, it’s good enough for me…  The weeping that is…

At any rate, I found last night to be pretty amazing – though of course I’m part of the choir to which they’re preaching.

Hillary Clinton – I missed seeing her motion to nominate Obama by acclimation live during the roll call.  But even the rerun was stirring…  Yes, it’s an old saw, but I really felt like I was a witness to history…  Something to tell the grand-cats about when I’m an old man…

And to think, there was some doubt in my mind as to whether she would do this – I think it really drove home to me that the supposed bitterness that exists between the Clinton and the Obama camps is being made up by the 24-hour news channels, who simply need to fill time and manufacture controversy.  Boo, MSM!  Stop hurting America…

Bill Clinton – I wish I knew how to quit him…

Beau Biden –  His introduction of this father was compelling, sincere and moving without being maudlin.  And props to him for being so discreet about his upcoming deployment to Iraq…  I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him in years to come.  And a Biden dynasty is so much more appealing than the monstrous and destructive Bush dynasty.

Joe Biden – Way to go, dude… John McCain is wrong.  And I think Senator Biden’s argument to that effect was convincing.  Keep those knives sharpened…

Oh, yeah, and then there was that Obama fellow I’ve been hearing so much about.  He looks like he’s going places…  Apparently, he’ll be speaking tonight.

If you missed any of these, here’re links:

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