I Don’t Vote on the First Date Either – But I Don’t Mind Being Polled.

We watched this last night…  I couldn’t help but ask Chris, “I wonder how many cats she has?”

And is it just me, or is she talking about her “precious” vote in the terms similar to those used in days of yore when discussing one’s maidenhead?  “I’m a good Catholic girl and I don’t vote on the first date.” WTF?

Sigh…  The thing is, I can see someone having legitimate concerns about Obama – but the fact that his supporters didn’t “reach out” to you in the hotel lobby is not convincing.  Sounds more like the opening scene of an after-school special entitled, “The Girl Who Voted for Hillary and Didn’t Get Asked to the Prom.”

And per his usual M.O., Larry King asks the most predictable softball questions – yet Ms. Joyce still can’t come up with a reasonable answer.  That’s right, she is flummoxed by LARRY KING!  Asking completely reasonable and predictable questions!  I mean it’s one thing to be left sputtering by Mike Wallace  – but LARRY KING? Oy gevalt…


6 responses to “I Don’t Vote on the First Date Either – But I Don’t Mind Being Polled.

  1. Oh, just give her lollipop back whoever took it from her, lol.

  2. Don’t you get it Mr. King? Her ballot box is closed! lol

  3. Well said. Perhaps she and Ann Coulter could hook up.

  4. That’s right, she is flummoxed by LARRY KING!

    She almost seemed surprised that Larry mentioned the similar policy stances of Hillary and Obama. I think she was just happy to be on TV.

    I also think you have to give Larry some credit. Even though his questions were softballs, his tone clearly said, “Get a friggin’ clue, lady.”

  5. Larry has been surprising lucid this week – he’s actually been asking many reasonable and relevant questions to the sad Republican pundits he’s had on after the DNC every night… And they typically aren’t able to answer effectively… Or if they don’t answer the question, Larry interrupts them to get back to the point… All rather nice, I thought…

  6. watching swiftboaters


    The right to vote should be taken away from some people, they are too dangerous to be making such big decisons!!!

    She wants to be “courted.” So, every hand in America needs to be shaken by each candidate to be suitably eligible?

    What a bunch of stupid stupid people.


    take her out for a Cofee or something voting night, she’ll forget all about it

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