Biden? I’m kinda down with that choice…

Yes, he’s a potential “gaffe machine”…  But he’s smart… and I actually like the idea of a VP who says what’s on his mind (though, in Biden’s case, not always in a manner considered politically correct). And I read a rather interesting take on his “gaffes”, especially the ones about race – namely that they’re kind of what a lot of blue-collar Democrats may actually be thinking…  In other words, some of his statements may actually be helpful, even though no one can admit it…  I’ll link to the post if I can find it…

Anyveep, I’ll wait until the text message is sent tomorrow before I think about all this too much…  UPDATE: The choice is official; I never got my text from the campaign…  : (

Oh, but I should add that I really hate Biden’s hairplugs… And I have since they were first installed.  Embrace your baldness, dude…

But, on the other hand, I love this response from the debates – it’s both pithy and 100% accurate.  Mr. Gun Nut is clearly deranged…


One response to “Biden? I’m kinda down with that choice…

  1. Not bad, funny too. But yes, I see potential for a few gaffes. Did you see Obama’s face when Biden asnwers the question? It’s like “HOLA, I’d never have the guts to say that!”

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