Swifter, Higher, Stronger, Fatter

Is it just me or is this McDonald’s ad especially offensive?

There’s something particularly unsavory (hah!) about what appears to be a bunch of aspiring Olympians turning out to be McDonalds customers eagerly awaiting the introduction the of the company’s latest fat-and-carb delivery system delicious sandwich.  And I’m sorry, but six-pack abs are not a typical byproduct of consuming McDonald’s Southern Chicken Sandwiches…  (though they really do look kind of delicious… or so says your shame-faced Jack In The Box eating blogger).

I mean, I get it – it’s advertising, the goal of which is to sell me something.  But the juxtaposition of the perfect physical specimens cast as athletes in the commercial and their their subsequent ingestion of this fried “chicken” sandwich is horrifying – it seems to suggest that this new sandwich is part of a healthful diet; that it may actually encourage, rather than inhibit, the development of the aforementioned six-pack abs.  Had there been a little humor, maybe it wouldn’t have been so awful – but the message seems to be completely earnest and free of irony…  Bleh.  Though I guess the fact that McD’s is an official sponsor of the Olympics is pretty gross in and of itself…

Oh well – I don’t suppose as a wine-guzzling, Whole-Foods-shopping, trans-fat-eschewing, locally-sourced-overpriced-produce-buying pretentious foodie that I’m one of McD’s key demographics.

And, in a sidenote, kudos to McDonalds for being down with the gays.  But can you please cut it out with the Olympians scarfing down junk?  So not lovin’ it…


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