Rest In Peace, Brown Sofa

After over six years of faithful service, we bid a fond farewell to Brown Sofa, the first major piece of upholstered furniture that Chris and I acquired as a couple.  Purchased from Busvan for Bargains, in its final days of business, it has served admirably in its various roles such as primary TV watching location; afternoon napping spot; cat lookout; and, until the recent arrival of Gate Leg Dining Table, dinner guest seating.

O Sofa! My Sofa!

O Sofa! My Sofa!

From the beginning, we did our best to pamper Brown Sofa.  The day it arrived, we attempted to dissuade Norton the cat from perching on the back of the new sofa, using the old squirt bottle trick.  To our great and long-lasting chagrin, we discovered that Brown Sofa’s fabric did not take kindly to water…  In other words, mere minutes after the sofa was delivered, we had stained it permanently.  And many of you who knew Brown Sofa remember how we would lovingly cover the seats with bubble wrap when we left the house, to keep Norton from using the sofa on the down low.

Of course, eventually the novelty wore off…  We got lazy with the bubble wrap…  Other liquids were spilled…  Cushions lost the spring and vibrancy of youth… and Norton got the last laugh, by secretly vomiting onto Brown Sofa when Chris and I weren’t home.  But Brown Sofa remained steadfast and true, offering comfort and relaxation to the very end.

I’m happy to report that Brown Sofa is now living on a farm in the country with a bunch of other sofas…  Well, OK – not quite.  It’s in Oakland, at the home of a colleague and her husband and son (though apparently they do have three other sofas…  in their one house…  Um, OK…) where I’m sure it’ll provide many more years of comfy service.

So long, Brown Sofa, and thanks for the memories…

Oh, one more thing: Chris says that Brown Sofa isn’t brown; it’s green.  Please help me show him the error of his ways… Or not.


2 responses to “Rest In Peace, Brown Sofa

  1. It’s gray.


    I love Andre (sorry, gray sofa).

  2. GRAY?! You are insane…

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