It’s a Sofa!

André, delivered Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 1:10PM.  89″ long; weight unknown.

Just say no to karate-chopped pillows...

After having our eyes on André for the last year, Chris and I finally decided to take the plunge – and we couldn’t be happier.  André is a lovely replacement for the the-only-somewhat-mourned Brown Sofa.  As is often the case, André is rather similar to his predecessor – essentially a younger, thinner version of Brown Sofa…  Dare I say a trophy sofa?  Oh yes – I dare…

And I must say, kudos to Room & Board.  They use their own delivery service, and the delivery men were courteous and extremely conscientious, being very careful not only of the sofa (which they schlepped up three flights of stairs) but of our apartment and our belongings, as they gently maneuvered André through the living room door.  The whole delivery process completely pain-free.

André's Ouchy...

André's ouchy...

Of course, the one fly in the ointment was the minor flaw I discovered after they’d left.  The piping on the arm rest had not been sewn properly.  And if it had been anywhere else, I might have overlooked it (or more likely Krazy Glued it).  But the armrest gets so much wear-and-tear, I knew it wouldn’t hold up unless repaired professionally.  Not to mention that Calvin (the cat) would likely think the straggly bits were some fun new toy to sink his claws into.

At any rate, we popped into Room & Board on Sunday, showed the picture of the damage to our sales person, who immediately placed an order for a new sofa to be delivered to us in a couple weeks. Completely easy, no Spanish inquisition, “handling” or restocking fees or any other nonsense – which is all exactly as it should be, but was refreshing nonetheless.

And a special shout out to groovy design lady at Crate & Barrel.  We had a our new pillows all picked out – but she could tell that I wasn’t loving one of them in particular (the golden baby-poo colored one…).  So, on her way back from the stockroom with our selections, she also brought along the sea blue one.  As you can see in André’s picture, it was the perfect choice…  She also indicated that the fuchsia throw was a good match (Chris had his doubts, as did I).  But we couldn’t be happier with our new sofa accessories.

My only regret is that I really thought this was it.  I thought, “Finally, I’m buying that sofa.  This is the thing that will really give my life meaning – make things complete…  The last piece of the puzzle, as it were, in the quest for happiness.”  But I pretty much feel the same as yesterday…  I guess I’ll just have to buy something more expensive next time…


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