Love of Summer

Donna Summer; Paramount Theater in Oakland.  That’s right – Donna Fucking Summer! Is there really any more that needs to be said?

Well, OK – I guess I can come with a bit more than that…

Welcome the Queen!

Welcome the Queen!

She made her entrance to “The Queen is Back”, preceded by her three back-up dancers in marching uniforms (and I know that back-up dancers are generally gay…  OK, really, really gay – but the lead fellow was Super-Ultra-Mega Gay from the planet Gay-tron – of course he was also fierce…  But I digress), serenading her arrival with trumpets – pretty great – and segued into “I Feel Love” (which Chris is convinced she was lip-syncing…  eh, what’re you gonna do?  It gets a little harder to hit those high notes as the years go by, as we all know).  But then she followed up with “Dim All the Lights” and “I’m a Fire” and it was all Miss Summer all the way…  She sounded pretty darn good.

I'm a Fire

A couple more new songs, then a 15-minute intermission.  I raced from our eighth row seats and managed to be first in line at the bar (the intermission was only 15 minutes!).  As we guzzled our Chardonnay, I met my new friends who were wearing the best outfits of the evening.  Seriously, it was like they started with flannel pajamas and said “how can we make these into evening wear?” – and succeeded.  No joke, I would love to be able to pull off black-and-blue-and-white checkered pants.

Oh no she didnt...

Oh no she didn't...

So, after tossing back our drinks, we hurried back to our seats as one of Miss Summer’s back-up singers wandered out on stage with an umbrella – singing the opening lines of “No More Tears” – followed by the lady herself, clad in orange rain coat and matching orange umbrella – a matching orange umbrella with a  sequin-encrusted handle!  Chris and I were pretty much swooning (by which I mean dancing like idiots and singing along) during this number.  Next up? “MacArthur Park”.  I nearly had to reach for my smelling salts  (or maybe my poppers..?) as we went into full-blown disco-ball hot tranny mess gay-stravaganza overload.

Um, so yeah, we liked that part…

My new friends

Me and my new friends

Miss Summer sang a few more new songs (actually, pretty good – but of course we’re really all there for the oldies), then closed with “Bad Girls” and “Hot Stuff”.  And then the old “encore that’s not really an encore since it’s my most famous song and I haven’t sung it yet, so you know I’m coming back out” routine – but I can hardly complain about closing the evening with “Last Dance”.

Sigh…  a really fabulous night.  Unfortunately, we had to ruin it by stopping at Jack In The Box on the way home, where we ordered a 5-piece order of egg rolls, two tacos, one Monster Taco® and some fries. I actually tried to change from two tacos to just one, once I realized Chris had ordered a Monster Taco® – but as the cashier sagely (and with a certain world-weariness) pointed out, “It’s only 99¢ for two.” So very true…

We hightailed it home and ate every last bit (along with, in a marked contrast from our decidedly déclassé midnight supper, a tarte aux abricots I had picked up earlier from La Boulange – they just opened on Market at Third, which is both fantastic and extremely dangerous from a fitting-into-my-pants perspective… ). We did this because we are vile hogs…  though at least we were crying while we ate and telling each other what awful people we are…  Actually, that’s completely untrue.  We savored every scrumptious bite.

And then went right to bed – because I think I read somewhere (the internet maybe?) that eating large amounts of fried foods immediately before turning in for the night is an excellent way to maintain good health and to lose weight…

More photos of the concert on Flickr, though (thankfully) none of the post-concert feeding frenzy.


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