Dosa Do

Finally made it to Dosa last Sunday. Wait was only about ten minutes, which we spent at the bar having an aperitif.  A quite charming space, modern with high ceilings and spinning fans (which were not as effective as one might hope in cooling down the quite warm room).

Started off with a special of heirloom tomatoes, a stack of six slices of different varieties of tomatoes atop coconut flavored noodles, dressed with a bit of mint chutney.  The tomatoes were perfectly ripe, which pretty much guaranteed that this dish would satisfy.  The coconut and mint added a surprising bit of dimension to what could’ve been a tasty but ordinary dish – and there was a bit of heat to the chutney, giving the tomatoes a distinct Indian signature.  Really loved this…

Next were spinach and cauliflower vadas (a type of fritter), napped with a bit of spicy tomato chutney – almost like an aioli.  The vadas were crispy without a trace of grease; and while quite yummy, most of the flavor came from the chutney – I didn’t taste much spinach or cauliflower.

Our third course was a pea-and-paneer dosa, the Indian flatbread for which the restaurant is named, served with three different chutneys.  It was serviceable.  Not being a dosa connoisseur, I don’t really have a good yardstick with which to measure the dosa (though a colleague at work who is of South Indian descent advised that Udupi Palace makes a better dosa) – but it was a bit dull.  And I didn’t find any of the three chutneys to be especially interesting.  Don’t get me wrong – the dosa was fine; just found it to be on the bland side.

Lamb and Lentil Curry with Coconut Rice

Lamb and Lentil Curry with Coconut Rice

For our main course, we shared the special for the evening, a lovely lamb and lentil curry served with coconut rice.  Substantial chunks of tender lamb in a thick and savory brown curry made with four kinds of lentils; very nice heat and a wonderful texture.  The lamb was excellent, full of flavor, with just the slightest hint of gaminess playing off the heat and spices.  The accompanying rice was a perfect foil, adding a touch of sweetness to the zippy curry.

Finished off with gulab jamun (fried milk dough balls in syrup) which were well-executed; balls were light and fluffy and suitably soaked with syrup.  However, there was little complexity – no cardomom pods or other spices added to livent things up.  And the syrup was quite hot temperature-wise – more so than I thought necessary.  Chris had a very tasty dish of pistachio ice cream.

Our waitress was very good, making a couple of recommendations to us as first-time visitors; and serving our courses as ordered and at an unhurried pace.

We quite enjoyed our meal at Dosa and plan to be back – though, surprisingly, are unlikely to order the dosas which are there specialty.  But with their extensive menu of curries, vadas and idlis, I don’t anticipate having any difficulty ordering a great meal.


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