Watch Out For The Sentinel

Corned Beef Brisket Sandwich

Corned Beef Brisket Sandwich

Ran up to The Sentinel yesterday for lunch. Had a really tasty corned beef brisket sandwich, topped with Gruyere, coleslaw and mustard (rather than the standard Russian dressing – because you know me… I’m a maverick) and served on flatbread. This was definitely not your grandpappy’s Reuben – more of a deconstruction. The meat was in smallish chunks rather than slices – very tender and flavorful (though just a tad on the dry side); the coleslaw was more of a cabbage salad – and I’m pretty sure it either had apples in it or – more likely – was made with apple cider vinegar… There was definitely some appley-ness going on somewhere. The bread was great – crusty but not brittle and just the right thickness. A fine sandwich indeed.

Specials change daily...

Specials change daily...

Perhaps the more remarkable thing: Dennis Leary (chef and owner of both The Sentinel and Canteen) is right there behind the counter, taking orders, whipping up sandwiches and calling out names when orders are ready. There’s something just so great about this personal level of focus on dishing up fine food (and dare I say, only in San Francisco?). Chef Leary must love what he does – and his patrons are reaping the rewards of both his talent and dedication.

Keep in mind: no seating and there’ll likely be a line (though it seems to move quickly and is run quite efficiently – huge bonus points for that, because improper line management is rampant, as you’ll recall from the Pancho Villa debacle…  But I digress.).  Rumor has it that early (11AM) or late (1PM) may be easier.  I phoned my order in – but wanted to change it (remember?  I’m a maverick?).  And the good chef kindly saw to it…


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