SPQR Redux

Saw Tell No One on Sunday afternoon (a finely executed French thriller – two thumbs up from Chris and me) and popped into SPQR for dinner.  Waited about ten minutes for a table (the hostess was very nice, keeping us updated on progress).

Carrots with watercress, almonds, chile and ricotta salata

Carrots with watercress, almonds, chile and ricotta salata

We had fresh ricotta and vegetable caponata crostini – very nice, though it was “assembly required”, which is fine, but we could’ve used a few more toasts.  Next was carrots, prepared with watercress, almonds, chiles and ricotta salata.  It was amazing – the finest preparation of carrots I’ve ever encountered.  Carrots with some lovely browned crusts, almonds adding crunch, chile adding zing and ricotta adding some salt to balance the sweet carrots.  Sensational.

Then, some fried meatballs with cherry tomatoes.  Very tasty balls – though the tomatoes were quite sweet and might’ve been better off with a bit of acid to cut through.  After that, another beautifully rendered plate of rigatoni all’amatriciana – just as delicious as our previous visit.

For dessert, riso budino (again – I’m not made of stone), this time with topped with apricots – even better than the strawberries used last time.  Chris had a chocolate and cherry dessert – I thought it was just OK, the flavors a bit muddled.  The presentation in a coffee mug was also a bit awkward (can’t win ’em all…).  Nonetheless, we left happy and satisfied – and once again excitedly looking forward to our trip to Rome.

Though we did continue the evening in a French vein, watching Paris, Je T’aime when we arrived home.  And do you know what?  I do t’aime Paris…  Le sigh…  And we both found this movie to be charming.


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