So very crafty…

I forced Chris to attend the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend at Fort Mason.  Turned out, we both had a great time strolling through and pawing at hipster t-shirts, adorable stationery and lots of other cute and/or ironic wares…  A few of our favorites:

Supermaggie – I stumbled upon their t-shirts last year at a shop in the Castro.  They continue to make groovy nature-themed tees and hoodies and I continue to shop online. It was thanks to their email alert that I even heard about the craft fair.

Campfire Goods, Inc. – Really cool city-themed t-shirts.  Chris picked up the “Detroit – City of Motors”, while I ordered a “SF – City of The City”.  I wanted the same color shirt as one of the adorable boys working the booth (sorry, no pix…) and he kindly offered to order it for me – with no shipping charge!  And they’re from Akron, Ohio!  Seriously, how cute is that?

I Heart Guts – Plush internal organs with smiley faces – need I say more?  We bought a pancreas…


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