Shocker! Great Meal in the Castro

Scallops with Green Curry Noodles

Chris, David and I ate at Zadin last night – it was excellent.  The fact that it is located in heart of the restaurant wasteland that is the Castro makes this even more amazing.

We started off with salt-and-pepper calamari, lightly breaded and perfectly fried and crunchy, without a trace of grease.  The calamari were meltingly tender and super-yummy with the zippy cilantro sauce served alongside.  We also had barbecue pork rolls – which appeared to be a typical rice paper roll with vermicelli, mint and greens, but also had strips of crispy, chewy lemongrass pork.  We were all kvelling over these rolls – David pointed out that it was like a really tasty summer roll but with bacon added.  And is there any dish that isn’t improved with the addition of bacon?

Then we shared the grilled beef with shallots – almost like little kebabs of rolled beef – and the green curry scallops with noodles.  The scallops were small and tender – very fresh and cooked just right.  The noodles were spicy and creamy – a nice counterpoint to the grilled meats.  Coconut rice was rich and tasty.

For dessert, we shared banana rolls.  What more really needs to be said than that they were bananas wrapped in rice paper, deep fried and served with a coconut reduction for dipping?  Yes, they were delicious.

David and I had a couple of beers and Chris had wine – and we still got out of there for just about $100 with tip.  In other words, this place is very well-priced – even more so considering its improbable location in the Castro.  And the service was friendly and competent.  All in all, a great evening.


2 responses to “Shocker! Great Meal in the Castro

  1. I heartily agree about bacon improving all things. There is a chocolate bar- Mo’s bacon bar that I have been dying to try- it is not the bacon that is holding me back but my utter disbelief that a bar of chocolate, even bacon spiked, could retail for 9.99- that and the certainty that I would eat the entire thing in one sitting.

  2. I have actually eaten Mo’s Bacon Bar more than once… It is an interesting experience – though it is milk chocolate, which I don’t think provides a sufficiently robust counterpoint to the bacon… And it is most decidedly not worth the exorbitant price…

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