Kasa no es mi casa…

I had been wanting to try Kasa since I first read the concept – kind of Indian-meets-tacqueria.  The menu has only two items – kati rolls or thalis, with a choice of various meat and vegetarian dishes to fill or go alongside.

It was rather busy when we arrived at 1:30 on July 4 – and despite about eight people working behind the counter, they seemed to have some trouble coping with the line of eight or ten customers.  The place is still new-ish, so I’m willing to cut them a bit of slack, but not an ideal way to start off.

At any rate, I ordered two thalis – chicken tikka masala for Chris and lamb curry for me.  The thali includes rice, roti, raita, cucumber salad, lentils and a couple of chutneys.  They also added some cabbage with mustard seed to my plate when I asked what it was – a thoughtful touch.

They were out of lamb curry and told me it’d be ready in a minute.  Sigh…  I should’ve known better than to wait.  Not that I even really minded the five-minute wait – but they’d already assembled my thali plate and let it sit while waiting for the lamb curry.  So the already not-very-hot rice and lentils were cold by the time I got my curry.

As for the food itself, it was a mixed bag.  I thought the lamb curry was pretty dull – a thin sauce, not much spice or flavor to it; and the lamb was a bit gamey.  The raita was cool and tasty.  The cabbage was actually my favorite – the most complex spicing and a really good texture, both tender and crunchy.  The cucumber salad was yummy – sweet, spicy and refreshing, though it was a bit too chunky to really come together completely.  Lentils were kind of a bore – could’ve used both salt and spicing up.  I also found the roti to be more greasy than buttery.

Chris had a glass of wine and I had an ice cold Kingfisher (on tap, no less), all of which brought the bill to $37.  This seems pretty steep for counter service with food that rated an overall “meh”.  I’d certainly go back to try out some of the other dishes – but I wouldn’t make a special trip. I really wanted to like this place – but it can’t really hold its own against some of my other favorite Indian places like Sultan or Shalimar.


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