Why, stupid club?

La Soiree des Coiffeurs Adjoints was held at Supperclub. It was actually a great layout for a hair show, since there was plenty of room on two levels and good sight-lines from both.

Beyond that, though, Supperclub left much to be desired. So, some helpful tips for club owners and staff who may find themselves hosting a hair show.

  • The hairdressing demimonde is a thirsty one. So, if you rent your club out to a couple of hundred hairdressers and their friends and hangers-on, you might want to have more than three bartenders working – and you might even consider opening up that second bar. We’d all buy more drinks more quickly; the bartenders would make more tips; and you, the club owner, would make more money on the ridiculously overpriced liquor. It’s win-win-win…

  • When you agree to rent your venue to a paying client, you’re unlikely to endear your establishment to said client if one of the staff is constantly shooing guests away from the best seats (or, in this case, beds – more on that later) in the place. Had his efforts been focused instead on selling bottles of wine to all of us thirsty drunks, everyone would have been much cheerier.

  • Pretty much everyone at this event is a legitimately hip, stylish and/or trendsetting individual (though, regrettably, I am one of the notable exceptions). They are not douchey poseurs who think that being treated with contempt by a not-as-cute-as-he-thinks-he-is staff member is some sort of sign that they’re in a super-hot, cutting-edge VIP nexus, where the Olsen twins hang out while the Misshapes spin. In other words, you can drop the attitude – you’re a waiter, not one of the Grimaldis…

  • Finally – beds? Really? Do people actually still think that’s hot? As a grown-up with unimpaired motor functions, I find the idea of eating in bed at all (let alone in public) completely unappealing – not just in terms of its impracticality (how does one cut up one’s steak?), but from a personal hygiene perspective. My first thought when I saw all those beds was “crabs” (and I don’t mean Dungeness…). I suppose it seemed all fabulous and new when the girls on Sex and the City went to the club “Bed” FIVE YEARS AGO (after Berger dumped Carrie via Post-It) – but, c’mon, it’s 2008… It’s time to move on… I’m an old married lady who hasn’t been out on a Friday night in months – and even I know the whole “bed club” thing is tired…

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