Too much pork? Yeah, I’m also too rich and too thin…

Perhaps I should rename my blog – I was thinking either “Complete Sausage” or “Complete Pork-rage”. At any rate, I was back at Boccalone today. The same nice salumi lady helped me out – she remembered me from yesterday. When I mentioned I’d blogged about my previous lunch, she asked me the name of my blog – and had actually seen my post! She remembered it because she thought it was a great name for a blog (well, duh, of course…). Anyhow, thank you nice salumi lady!

Today I got the hot Italian sausage sandwich with peppers. It was really good – the sausage was zippily spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. And it was meaty – not too much fat in the sausage and certainly no grease… My only quibble? The distribution of the peppers was a little lopsided, with one end getting the bulk of the peppers. But seeing as this was day two of business, I’m totally willing to cut them some slack. I think I might ask for a little mustard next time too…

I actually considered stopping in to pick up some meat for dinner tonight, but that seemed exceedingly gluttonous (as opposed to just ordinarily gluttonous…). I’ll likely be in tomorrow after work — a warm Friday night in the City seems like the perfect time for a dinner of salumi and salad…


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