Reason #47 Not to Be a Vegetarian

Boccalone, a salumeria run by the fellows from Incanto, opened today in the Ferry Plaza. Which is great – because I was just saying the other day “I really need to increase my intake of highly-salted pork products.” Picked up the little “to-go” box, containing mortadella, prosciutto cotto ( “cooked ham” – a lovely and buttery ham; not like prosciutto di Parma, which is much chewier; this was silky and tender) and some kind of fancy salami. Stopped for some bread at Acme and I was in hog heaven (actually, I guess it was the hog that I was eating that was in heaven – unless he was an evil hog, who went to hog hell… All I know is that he was delicious ).

My only critique? I didn’t need all that mustard (very good spicy whole grain mustard, just way more than necessary) and I could’ve used a couple of cornichons to round things out. I suppose I can just keep a jar of them at my desk.

Sandwiches also available. I’ll be sampling soon and reporting back as usual.


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