Three score and ten years ago…

My father was brought forth… And just tonight, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of his birth – and Father’s Day – in the traditional Cohen family manner, i.e. Linda cooked 1/4 of a cow, some carb- and fat-laden accompaniments and a few delicious vegetables to give the whole extravaganza a sheen of healthfulness. Oh, and then there’re the two desserts (I know – only two! Linda’s slacking…) We had a lovely time – with a bare minimum of sulking, arguing, veiled insults and tearful recriminations. In other words, the evening was a roaring success…

Oh, and we got sent home with a slab of meat and half of a tarte au fromage sucré avec crème citron et myrtilles. Yeah, I know, sucks to be us… Thanks Lindy! And happy birthday Fuzzy!

“OMG! Get the fire extinguisher!” (due to the many candles… get it?)



4 responses to “Three score and ten years ago…

  1. It’s funny, but in the b-day cake picture he looks like he is haunting the fuck out of you people.

  2. I LOL’d at that one… It’s a goody!

  3. BTW, where did you get the t-shirt? It’s hilarious and I know someone who might wnat one.

  4. want one

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