The Golden Girls – Live!

Saw the all drag queen stage production of the “The Golden Girls Live – The Gay Episodes” last night. It’s a line-for-line reenactment of two episodes (the one with Blanche’s gay brother Clayton; and the one with Dorothy’s lesbian friend Jean falling in love with Rose). Needless to say, it was a riot. And as good as those four ladies were playing Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia, the guy who played Clayton in the first episode (with a woman in drag as his “life partner”) and Jean in the second was a riot. His rendition of Clayton was so over-the-top swishy, he made Liberace look butch in comparison. For the role of Jean, he donned a mullet wig and a Dinah Shore sweatshirt, looking and sounding like a lesbian long-haul trucker.

After the show, we headed to Pink with Steve and Bo – there was supposed to be a birthday party for one of Chris’s colleagues. So we paid the $10-a-piece cover charge to get in – and found a half empty bar! $10 to get into a bar – for reals? We turned right around and asked for our money back – and the folks working the door were quite nice and gave us a refund with nary a harsh word (unlike the time Chris demanded his $2 cover charge back from the doorman at Badlands and was banned for life… but I digress).

Next stop: Truck. Fun little place (though the breakdancing FTMs were a little annoying) on 15th and Folsom. After a drink there, Chris and I were ready to head home, but Steve and Bo insisted we accompany them to Chaps II. Much livelier (and better looking) crowd than our last visit, but it’d been a long night for us two old queens, so we headed home after one drink (or was it two..?) A fine night was had by all…


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