Why, Mr. Angry Cyclist?

So, I’m cycling home last night on my usual route, the bike lane on Howard St. At some point, a large-ish fellow, decked out in his compression shorts (hot!), Italian racing shirt and highly-technical sunglasses whooshes past me. Fine, no big deal.

But then, just after 2nd, he kinda pulls out of the bike lane to the right and slows to a crawl. Unsure of what his intent is, I too slow down – don’t want to have a collision after all. He turns around, glares at me and barks “Go ahead!”. When I am too slow to respond (i.e. after a millisecond), he cuts in front of me and zooms up Hawthorne – making sure to scream “Fucking asshole!” at me as he left.

I expect this sort of behavior from drivers – but other cyclists? Jeez, what a douche…


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