Why, Miss Apparently Able-Bodied Lady?

The Embarcadero YMCA elevator is the slowest in the City (yes, even slower than the one in my apartment building). Yet, I have to take it every time I visit the gym, since the bike racks are on the roof – five floors up. It’s always a trial…

Ordinarily, this very slow elevator is used only by fellow bike parkers; gym members in wheelchairs; the physically infirm; and employees carting equipment from floor to floor.

So why then did the quite-clearly-not-physically-impaired-lady-in-her-mid-thirties not only call the elevator to the fourth floor; then wait for a period of several minutes; then board the elevator with a chirpy hello; and THEN TAKE THE ELEVATOR ONE FLOOR DOWN TO THE THIRD FLOOR? You’re at the gym! Try the stairs!

And I’ll wager that once she got to the third floor gym she hopped onto the Stairmaster for her workout… It was not long after this that I had my encounter with Mr. Angry Cyclist. Needless to say, it made for a crabby trip home…


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